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The Higher Light

Isn’t it funny how in life there are events in our lives where things just “Come together”.

I think about a particular topic one day, and the next day or throughout the week, I come across information, an action, someone starts talking about the same thing, or even some event, that supports the way I think or feel about that topic.

I can imagine, that as you read this, you might say to yourself, “Hey, I’ve been thinking about this kind of stuff!”

The following is something I found that exactly matches my own notions I had earlier this week on this topic.


The Higher Light by SirZerp

By way of interaction between the two poles, there manifests new potentials that could not exist if the two polarities were not in an ever present state of dynamic interaction with each other.

Those forces of light of the higher densities (service to other ET races) are no longer threatened by the negative polarity as the dimer forces of light in the lower densities are.  At some point a race gains virtual immunity to all negative effects of the negative polarity.  At that point the name of the game changes.  It is no longer a reactionary experience of  being forced to react to the actions of the negative pole.  Instead a new awareness forms that fully revolves around the truth of things and what really is.

Things are seen so clearly and with such light that ones focus of attention changes into a new third perspective that is now drawn fully to the mysterious creation of new possibilities, that comes by way of dynamic interaction of the two polarities.  (The third perspective can be thought of as something that is neither negative nor positive, although it does create at times extremely positive reactions in the sentience that adopts the third perspective.  A trinity or tri-force of forces come into play in the universe.)

The higher forces of light upon adopting the new perspective do not prevent themselves from interacting with the interactive game that is seen in the lower densities.  They manipulate, intervene, alter and obverse far more than those in the lower densities realize.  The actions of the higher light is meant to stimulate and further experiment with the new forms that are created.  The novelty as it were.

One is fixated upon it and works with the situation so as to elicit more of the mysterious phenomena.  Its like pursuing a vein of gold.  The vein can spit and branch off in many directions.  Some branches end, while others continue.  When all novelty ends, the foundation of the game must be changed in some manner to seed the next level of the game and begin the novelty quest once again.


Consciousness across the universe is always oscillating between two states.

The first state is a completely singular unified consciousness where there is only one being that is completely in the know of all that exists and all that is possible. This state only lasts for a short time as it is quickly seen that in order to evolve, a fragmentation of consciousness must happen so that a vast array of separated entities are formed from the original one entity.

This is the other state. A vast collection of separate entities, that are all different and unique, and together they play the polarity game within a given galaxy or universe. The separate entities are both good and bad. Positive and negative, and each is given a piece of the larger story, but none have it all. So, together they fight, unit, interact, and explore the possibilities of existance as a result of their interaction with each other. Each is unique and was seeded to have unique characteristics, not just on a genetic level, but on a soul level. There is a vast spectrum of diversity, that evolves together by way of its interaction within itself.

Ultimately as the diverse parts evolve, they begin to merge back together, and at some point everything falls back into alignment with itself, and we end up again with a single all knowing, unified entity. The singular unified state of consciousness only lasts a short time, due to its stagnant state. It knows everything, yet to evolve and learn/know more, it must split itself into pieces again, to play the polarity game for another round.

This cycle continues forever, and each time things become more complex as the universal knowledge base grows.

The universe as a whole pulses, over immense periods of time as seen from our perspective.  Interestingly enough, (and at the same time) all of reality pulses on and off many times a second as well.  Because the universe is connected together so well and operates together as one unit, all of the sub atomic particles blink on and off together at the same time.  They exist as a set of waves most of the time, but at very regular periods they blink on, in a pulse of movement and this is the particle aspect coming into existence of the particle/wave duality.  Both exist together as one, but tend to take turns in a dance of movement.

By SirZerp


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