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Fed Gov bankrupt?

Apparently, according to this post, the federal government is a corporation that went bankrupt in 1933. The united states is a corp? See the original here.

Fed Gov Goes Bankrupt in 1933

Posted By: Menomin <Send E-Mail>
Date: Thursday, 25-November-2010 11:04:40

I’ve tried to post this before but you wouldn’t put it up. Now I finally see someone else getting close to the truth.
They said the Fed Gov SECRETLY went bankrupt in 1933. Is everybody ignorant? There was no Fed Gov in 1933. In 1871 an act was passed forming the corporation known as UNITED STATES. Yes, that’s right, no more FED Gov. The CORPORATION went bankrupt in 1933. Check out House Joint Resolution 192. That’s right. You can discharge debt instead of PAYING for it. How can you PAY if there is no money. At least one person on this site is starting to wake up.
Everybody, everywhere, needs to start calling it what it is —- A foreign CORPORATION, NOT a government.


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