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Art: A Photo Editor – PDN 30 2011

Found an article, through a friend, via www.aphotoeditor.com on PDN’s 30 2011 “2011’s 30 photographers to watch”.

Below is a list of the top 30 photographers to watch (Each name is a link) as they appear in Aphotoeditor’s article.

Make sure to check out the source!

Rachel Barrett
David Black
Bartholomew Cooke
Philip Cheung
Nicholas Alan Cope
Katrina d’Autremont
Adam Dean
Nicolò Degiorgis
Giulio di Sturco
Rebecca Drobis
Pari Dukovic
Dyad Photography
Justin Fantl
Dima Gavrysh
Nick Hall
Erik Madigan Heck
Ryan Heffernan
Liz Hingley
Therese + Joel
Matthew Kristall
Spencer Lowell
Silja Magg
Joel Micah Miller
Ivor Prickett
Justine Reyes
Jody Rogac
Will Steacy
Judith Stenneken
Daro Sulakauri
Susan Worsham


Endnote: All of these folks are extremely talented, I know it’s a lot to digest in one day, so take your time and allow each an opportunity of your time and attention.


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