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Writing: Roman Martineuk

April 14, 2011 1 comment

“When you ask the world for something, anything, it does not respond with an answer, rather, it responds with a question, by showing you what you are doing wrong/not doing right, and forces you to realize why you don’t have what you want.” -Roman Martineuk

An example of my quote:

Today as I was walking to the train station from work to go home, I had a thought.

“If everyday we can ask the world for one thing, what would I ask for today?”

I answered my own question with, “Awareness”.

Now as with most things, this was fleeting.

I proceeded into the train station and sat down to wait for the train.

The train came, I got up, entered the train cart, and looked around for a seat.

After a moment I noticed an empty forward-with-direction-facing seat some ten feet away.

I hurriedly walked up and sat down. Something felt odd.

I immediately looked to my right to the seat next to me seeing that it was cradling a small pool of “liquid”.

Immediately realizing my error I had come to the understanding that the neighboring seat in which I sat undoubtedly had some amount of liquid resting atop as well.

I sprang up in a violent urgent spasm of a movement, look at the spot in which I sat, and sure enough, there was some liquid smiling up at me with a mischievous grin.

Oh the humanity!

Not only was this liquid, it was a foul smelling multi-layered, spread-out scene of a spilled container of olives.

I came to this conclusion because of one lone discarded olive, sitting there, surrounded by this mess, happy that it had some company, with which to share this unpleasant scene.

“How could my fellow train-riders not say anything and stop me from making this awful mistake?!”, I thought.

Oh the apathy!

The indecency!

Then it dawned on me.

My question, my wish, had been granted.


I’ve realized that,

because I was rushing,

because I had not been sufficiently aware of my surroundings,

I had sat in a seat lavishly decorated with olive container juice.


Hence, my request fulfilled.

I became more aware.

I realized that I should slow down a little,

take a look around,

look at the people in my immediate area, greet them with a glance of “hello”, an acknowledgment of their presence,

look at the seat in which I am about to sit, and give it the same respect.


Oh the mysterious tutelage of the world!


Infinite thanks.

For teaching me how to fish.

(instead of giving me a fish)


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