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Wallpapers: Earth at Night

March 19, 2011 Leave a comment

A picture on a website, “Pope Alice”.

See the original here.


Art: Magical Urbanism

February 10, 2011 2 comments

Here is a very large collection of collections that I’ve seen on, see the originals here.

Hr-Fm’s Digital City Prints

Japanese digital artist HR-FM creates stunning digital illustrations of cities. This guy is talented.

Be sure to check out the artist’s deviantART profile. Eyes on Walls has a great collection of prints available for purchase. Via notcot

Blast One’s Street Art in Monterrey, Mexico

Blast One is a street artist based in Monterrey, Mexico. His flickr stream has some fantastic pieces.

Link via Vandalog

Vasco Murao’s Hand drawn Cityscapes

Vasco Mourao creates incredibly detailed line drawings of interconnected buildings reminiscent of medieval hilltop towns. 

Better yet, Mr. Mourão is encouraging people to compliment his drawing style with their own illustrations at Ziga Ziga. Download a PDF, make your own drawing, and upload the results to the website. The randomly chosen entry gets a print my the artist.

Link via SpaceInvading and MocoLoco. You can buy the artist’s prints on cargo collective.

Ross Racine

All images courtesy of Ross Racine. Link to the artist’s website via SpaceInvading. You can purchase his pieces on 20×200. The Urban Times also has an interview with the artist here.

Willi Dorner: Bodies In Urban Space


Images from the project flickr pool via SpaceInvading




Link to their blog via Urban Prankster. You can also check out their Facebook page

Classical Wheatpastes by Zilda



All images courtesy of Zilda’s Flickr stream via Vandalog and My Modern Met

Futurama: NYC 1939’s world fair

Images from the Life Photo Archive on Google Images via Designspiration

Buff Diss: Masking Tape Artwork

Buff Diss is an Australian artist who makes his works with masking tape. He worked with three other South Australian emerging artists – Jason Ankles, Remi Picheta and Joshua Smith – to create these designs in the Adelaide Central Market.

Photos by Mick Bradley via the Wooster Collective and Fringe Benefits

Stephen Mallon: ‘Next Stop Atlantic’ Series


Link to the artist’s website via NOTCOT

Christian Stoll: Cityscapes


Link to the artist’s website via WE AND THE COLOR

Apt Studio and Asylum Films: “This Is Where We Live”


World Maps:

These were all created by crunching various data sets in programs such as Processing or R.

Worldwide Air Travel

Link to the source.

Worldwide Facebook Friends

Link to the post describing how Butler made it.

Worldwide Scientific Collaboration Between Researchers

Link to the source via FlowingData

Worldwide Internet Connections

Link to the source

Gene Davis: Paints a Street in Philadelphia

Image from Life photo archive via Aqua Velvet. For more info on Gene Davis, check out his Wikipedia page. And while you’re at it, check out this view today in Google Maps.

Stéphane Bigoni and Antoine Mortemard: Rouen Building

Stéphane Bigoni and Antoine Mortemard designed this unique space in Rouen, France in an old storage hangar. The spaces houses an auditorium and exhibit spaces.

Images by Stéphane Bigoni, Antoine Mortemard and Takami Nakamoto

Link via People and Place

Meena Kadri:

Signage in India – on buildings, billboards, and vehicles – is often hand painted. Meena Kadri photographs these signs, documenting their unique take on advertising and individual expression.

Link to the article on Design Observer with the complete slideshow.

Edward Burtynsky:

Edward Burtynsky's photographs


Edward Burtynsky's photographs


Edward Burtynsky's photographs


Edward Burtynsky's photographs

Link to Burtynsky’s website

Michael Wolf: The Architecture of Density

Michael Wolf's Architecture of Density


Michael Wolf's Architecture of Density

Michael Wolf's Architecture of Density

Michael Wolf's Architecture of Density

Michael Wolf's Architecture of Density

Michael Wolf's Architecture of Density

Check out Michael Wolf’s book Hong Kong Inside Outside on Amazon


Denis Smith: Light Graffiti

to Denis Smith’s website via The Import.

Josh Keyes:


Dawn Ng: Paper Planes

I couldn’t find where the installation was, though the artist does have a statement on the piece here.

Link to Dawn’s website via notcot

Benidorm, Spain: Colorful Boardwalk

By OAB Design

Link to the article.

Link to the design firm’s website

Speirs + Major: Usher Hall Chandelier

Link to Speirs and Major’s website via Design Boom

Led Pencil Studio: Non-Sign II

Link to Lead Pencil Studio’s website, via flavorwire

Hans Rosling: 200 Years of World History

via BrainPickings

Taylor Pemberton: Light Graffiti

Link to the artist’s website

Sideways Cafe:

Fast Company recently featured the Manhattan coffeeshop D’Espresso, which is designed to look like a library flipped on it’s side:

I’m going to have to check this place out the next time I’m in New York City.

Link to nemaworkshop, the website of the firm who made this nifty design.

Shepard Fairey: Cincinnati

Andre the Giant even showed up at the famous Findlay Market.

Thanks to Agnes for taking some of these pictures!

Exhale Pavilion: Miami Beach

The Exhale pavilion was created for Art Basel Miami Beach 2010 by Phu Hoang Office and Rachely Rotem Studio.

Link to the designer’s websites: Phu Hoang Office and Rachel Rotem Studio. Originally found on Design Milk.

Chris Jordan: Running The Numbers

Prison Uniforms (2007)

Depicts 2.3 million folded prison uniforms, equal to the number of Americans incarcerated in 2005. The U.S. has the largest prison population of any country in the world.

Plastic Bags (2007)

Depicts 60,000 plastic bags, the number used in the US every five seconds.

Cigarettes (2007)

Depicts 65,000 cigarettes, equal to the number of American teenagers under age eighteen who become addicted to cigarettes every month.

Shipping Containers (2007)

Depicts 38,000 shipping containers, the number of containers processed through American ports every twelve hours.

Light Bulbs (2008)

Depicts 320,000 light bulbs, equal to the number of kilowatt hours of electricity wasted in the United States every minute from inefficient residential electricity usage (inefficient wiring, computers in sleep mode, etc.).

Paper Bags (2007)

Depicts 1.14 million brown paper supermarket bags, the number used in the US every hour.

Cell Phones (2007)

Depicts 426,000 cell phones, equal to the number of cell phones retired in the US every day.

Jet Trails (2007)

Depicts 11,000 jet trails, equal to the number of commercial flights in the US every eight hours.

Plastic Cups (2008)

Link to the artist’s website.

Filip Dujardin: Fictions

Link to the artist’s website via Flip Magazine

Superbien: Envision


Link to SUPERBIEN’s website via designboom

Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre: Ruins of Detroit

Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre

Photographs in this post by Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre. Thanks to Public Frenemy.

Cinimod Studios: DJ Light Installation


Link to the designers’ website.

Jon Jackson:

Link via The Donut Project

Min-Chieh Chen, Dominik Zausinger and Michele Leidi: Packed

Link to the original Dezeen post, which has more information about the project

Lori Nix: Tiny Worlds of Urban Decay

Link to the artist’s official website via flavorwire.

David Jameson: The Floating Suburban Tea House

Link to the architect’s website via notcot. Images via architizer.

JR: Wrinkles of the City

SLAMXHYPE has this post on JR, anonymous French street artist and TED Prize winner. JR recently traveled to Shanghai as part of a project entitled “The Wrinkles of the City” and produced these wheatpaste installations while he was there.

All images via SLAMXHYPE.

Peter Wegner: Buildings Made of Sky

Peter Wegner makes buildings from sky. He takes photographs from the street, pointed up at high buildings and turns them upside down. The sky becomes the building and the negative space of the buildings becomes the sky.

Link to the artist’s website via and Fondit.

Trees Made of Chopsticks:

Every year Chinese consumes 45 billion pairs of disposable wooden chopsticks, equaling about 25 million trees. Treehugger has this post about a clever campaign by a Chinese environmental group to help promote the use of reusable chopsticks.

Ads of the World has more information about the campaign; via Treehugger.

German Bike Shop:

Instead of a sign, this bicycle shop in German Altlandsberg decided to hang 120 bicycles from its façade.

Link via deconcrete.

Ja Studio: Slow Up-Rising

Canadian firm Ja Studio created this submission entitled “Slow Up-rising” to the Solar Park South international ideas competition in Calabria, Italy. The competition brief called for a ‘Solar Highway’ to be made by re-using parts of decommissioned highway.

The existing bridge:

Ja Studio’s proposal:

Link to Ja Studio’s description of their submission; via Bustler.

Andreas Gefellerthe: Japan

Andreas Gefeller is a German photographer who created these striking abstract photographs out of a humble piece of Japan’s urban infrastructure: the utility wire. Gefeller composes the images from multiple snapshots; the results are stunning.

Link to the artist’s website; check out GoSee for more information on the series.

Luis Mallo: In Camera

Luis Mallo is a Cuban-born photographer, currently based in Brooklyn.

Link to the artist’s website via Triangulation Blog.

Charlie Davidson: Streetwalk

British designer Charlie Davidson has created a collection of outdoor seating for the city of Sunderland, England.

Link to the designer’s website via the Contemporist.

Richard Galpin: Viewing Station

Richard Galpin makes these fantastic abstract pieces, derived from his own cityscapes photographs. They aren’t collages; rather, each piece is made entirely by erasing parts of the photograph.

Link via Broken City Lab

Anouk Vogel: Cacticity

Anouk Vogel created “Cacticity,” a temporary garden in Bilbao, Spain made of 900 cacti from Cleistocactus straussii species. The cacti were placed in an offset grid and varied in height from 10 centimeters to 1 meter. The project won the first prize in the 2009 Bilbao Gardens Competition.

Photos by Jeroen Musch via Landezine.

Martha Schwartz Partners: Dublin’s Grand Canal Square

Martha Schwartz Partners designed this square to be the centerpiece of Dublin’s newly renovated riverfront.

Link to the designer’s website via Contemporist

Jill Anholt Studio: Line of Work

Canadian artist Jill Anholt designed ‘Line of Work,’ an installation along the edge of a pedestrian pathway next to the new Vancouver Convention Centre.

Link to the designer’s website via Contemporist

Isaac Cordal: Cement Eclipses

Isaac Cordal is a photographer and sculptor who did this series of miniature people out on the streets, called “Cement Eclipses.”

Link to the artist’s website, via Acidolatte. See unurth for more pictures.

Buro Wehberg: Giant Swings

Büro Wehberg designed these giant swings. They’ve been installed every summer since 2007 at Autostadt, which is an automobile-oriented theme park found near a Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Link to the designer’s website via Pruned.

Armelle Caron:

French artist Armelle Caron created these maps where city blocks are taken apart and organized into neat rows.


New York City:


Le Havre:



Link to the artist’s site via The Map Room.

Mike and Maaike: Wayfinding

The design studio Mike & Maaike created a unique set of wallpaper to be used as wayfinding elements.

Link to the designers website. The wallpaper can be purchased on

Paul Madonna: All Over Coffee

Paul Madonna is an illustrator based in San Francisco. His work is published as “All Over Coffee” every Sunday in the San Francisco Chronicle.

These samples from his website don’t really do his work justice; you’d be better off buying his book on Amazon.

THA LTD: Hikari No Tokei

The Japanese firm tha ltd. designed this clock installation in Tokyo at the entrance of the Seibu Ikebukuro Flagship Store appropriately titled “Hikari No Tokei,” meaning “Clock of Light.”

Link to the designers website via designboom. All images courtesy of

Gabriel Dawe: Plexus

Gabriel Dawe makes large installations out of multi-colored thread titled the Plexus series.

Link to the artist’s website, via mocoloco.

Emanuele Pizzolorusso: Maps

Emanuele Pizzolorusso, a designer based in Milan, has created a series of maps for Italian brand Palomar that are designed to withstand the smashing, stuffing and mangling that comes with traveling around a city.

Link to the designer’s website via dezeen

NYC: Proposed Sidewalk Sheds

All images are courtesy of

Caliper Studio: Rolling Rooftop Gardens, NYC

Caliper Studio designed this rolling garden roof for a penthouse in the West Village neighborhood in New York City.

All images are taken from the Caliper Studio flickr stream.

Magical Urbanism: La Recoleta Cemetary

La Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires, Argentina is home to many famous and important Argentines, including Eva Perón and several presidents of Argentina.

If you’re interested in reading more about Recoleta Cemetery, be sure to checkout this website, which describes in detail those buried there.

Chinese Workers Build Hotel in 6 Days

A construction crew in the south-central Chinese city of Changsha has completed building a 15-story hotel in just six days.

via Perkins+Will

Matt Logue: Empty LA

You can buy a book of the photographs here. You can also buy individual prints on the artist’s website.

Franco Recchia: Cityscape Sculptures

The Agora Gallery in New York City has a show of Franco Recchia’s cityscape sculptures made of scrap metal and discarded cardboard.

Link to the gallery website via boingboing

Egg House:

The Tiny Life has a post on the home of Daihai Fei.

Images via the Tiny Life

Earth From Space:

This striking image looks like a painting; it’s actually natural formations in an aerial image, showing massive congregations of greenish phytoplankton swirling around Gotland, a Swedish island in the Baltic Sea.

Photo credit: USGS/NASA/Landsat 7
Learn more about the Landsat satellite here.

NYC: Timelapse

Stimuli created this fantastic time-lapse video using 13,000 photographs of New York City. The music is Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9.

New York City – Timelapse from stimul on Vimeo.


Vahram Muratyan: Paris Vs. New York

Vahram Muratyan of ViiiZ Design Studio highlighting the differences between Paris and New York.

Link via TheDesignerPad
Bonus: You can buy prints here!

Karen M. Oleary: Handcut City Maps

Fun game! Can you recognize the cities in the following hand-cut out maps, made by Karen M. O’Leary? (Did I mention they’re cut out by hand, not laser cut?







You can buy these gems at her Etsy store.

Answers: A) Vancouver, B) London, C) Madrid, D) Philadelphia, E) San Francisco, F) New Orleans

Julien Berthier & Simon Boudvin: Fake Door

Julien Berthier and Simon Boudvin are French artists who, in 2006, installed a fake down on a blank wall in Paris. It’s still there.

Images are from Julian Berthier’s website. Via BLDGBLOG

Hass & Hahn: Favela Painting Project

The Favela Painting Project has created a beautiful collaborative work of art in the central square of Santa Marta, a favela in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The project was initiated by Dutch artists Hass and Hahn.

Click for a great panorama view of the project:

Donate to the project.
Link to the project website via This. That. The Other

Pieces of Berlin:

Pieces of Berlin documents everyday life in the city.


Fortress of Solitude: Poland


New Banksy: NYC


Street Art: Buenos Aires

Stencil Art and Political Graffiti in Buenos Aires

Stencil Art and Political Graffiti in Buenos Aires

Stencil Art and Political Graffiti in Buenos Aires

Stencil Art and Political Graffiti in Buenos Aires

Stencil Art and Political Graffiti in Buenos Aires

Magical Urbanism

Bee Flowers: Moscow

Bee Flowers takes panoramic and detail images of the Moscow Subway stations.

Taganskaya Station:

The Russian UndergroundThe Russian Underground
Prospekt Mira Station:

The Russian UndergroundThe Russian Underground

Baumanskaya Station:

The Russian UndergroundThe Russian Underground

Belorusskaya Station:

The Russian UndergroundThe Russian Underground

Electrozavodskaya Station:

The Russian UndergroundThe Russian Underground


Mark Jenkins: Street Installations

Street art by Mark Jenkins

Street art by Mark Jenkins

Street art by Mark Jenkins

He also has a blog .

Link via designboom

Flickr Stencil Group:

Stencil Art

Stencil Art

Stencil Art

Stencil Art

Stencil Art

Stencil Art

Stencil Art

Update: Many of these images are by the British street artist Bansky

Antonio Millain: The Empty Walls of Spain



In Barcelona…


Link via Pruned

Be sure to check out the Flickr group too


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Unbuilt Architecture: Soviet Union

The unbuilt architecture of Moscow

The unbuilt architecture of Moscow

The unbuilt architecture of Moscow

The unbuilt architecture of Moscow


Seyed Alavi: Sacramento River Aerial in Carpet

Carpet in the Sacramento Airport
Artist Seyed Alavi has installed a carpet of an aerial view of the Sacramento River in a skybridge in Sacramento International Airport.


Link via boingboing

New York Changing photos

NY Changing

Maunsell Towers

Rusted out WWII towersRusted out WWII towersRusted out WWII towersLink 

Abandoned Russian Buildings:

To see all of them (There are a lot) follow the subsequent link.

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